Mathilde Loisel’s preparation for the party reminds me a bit of senior prom. While I enjoyed my senior prom and I think that it’s perfectly fine to dress up for a night, I imagine that Marx would complain about all of the money spent on the event. Everyone wants to have a unique dress, prom dates purchase corsages for each other, tickets are expensive, and some people get limos in addition to that – this custom is very centered on commodities. Moreover, the effort to use these items to become a glam-ed up, prom version of oneself suggests a desire for transformation (and Mme Loisel tries to use commodities to transform her identity as well).

Here’s an example of just one advertisement detailing contemporary trends for prom dresses:

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Citation: “PROM 2017 LOOKBOOK.” Youtube, uploaded by LeeAnne’s Bridal & Bliss Prom, 11 October 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=286O3CNZlck