Question #1

Power and money are not distributed equally among the characters in “The Diamond Necklace.”

Who has the power and money?

Upper class/bourgeoisie characters such as Mme Forestier have power and money.

Who does not?

Members of the proletariat or working class do not have power and money in this society. Mme Loisel and her husband would be part of the lower middle class – their circumstances much better than poverty – but they would still not be in the bourgeoisie.

Pyramid 1

What happens as a result?

Characters who are part of the lower socioeconomic classes recognize the gap in resources between socioeconomic classes. This awareness is called class consciousness. Once Mme Loisel is aware of her socioeconomic class, she begins to participate in what Marx calls class struggle (where the lower classes battle against the upper classes for equality, or the opportunity to usurp them). Class struggle is, of course, futile and unsatisfying for members of the proletariat.


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