List of Questions

  1. Who has the power and money? Who does not? What happens as a result?
  2. How do individuals play out the roles assigned to them by their society, not recognizing their lack of freedom to behave otherwise?
  3. How does the author portray working conditions or class divisions?
  4. Does the text support class struggle or reinforce class division?
  5. How does the literary work comment on the capitalist system? Does it support that system or criticize it?
  6. Whom does it benefit if the work or effort is accepted/successful/believed, etc.?
  7. Which class does the work claim to represent?
  8. Which values does it reinforce? What values does it subvert?
  9. What conflict can be seen between the values the work champions and those it portrays?
  10. What social classes do the characters represent?
  11. How do characters from different classes interact or conflict?